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PoliceOne Academy Features

Affordable access to high-quality online training. Anytime, anywhere.  

We believe a well-trained police department is a safer, more efficient and more effective police department. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s most comprehensive yet user-friendly online video training system. Our Platform features more than 650 short-format and 100 one-hour video courses and training blocks, plus tracking of self-paced and group training.

  • Convenient, Engaging: The PoliceOne Academy is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Navigate cross-browser compatible courses with cutting-edge interactions at your own pace.
  • Respected Experts: The PoliceOne Academy features hundreds of reputable experts in its videos. These experts specialize in firearms, patrol, defensive tactics, gangs and much more.
  • Accreditation, Certification: The PoliceOne Academy has accreditation status in numerous states including Colorado, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee. Additional states are currently in the approval process, and some are eligible for credit with Department level approval. 
  • Customizable Content: Use our lesson plan templates, curriculum guides and training videos to create your training presentations and courses tailored to your department.

Course Catalog: More than 100 one-hour training blocks and courses are available for a certificate of completion.

Organization & User Management: Manage your organization’s access on the platform and create a custom profile for each user.

Easy-to-use video Navigation: Simply click on video topic links to locate videos and courses. 

Roll Call Tracking: Forget cumbersome and time-consuming record keeping. Use our "Roll Call Training" button to assign credit to all participants present during facilitated video discussions. 

Training Assignments: Easily create assignments for your officers to complete. A quick 4-step process allows you to select the videos, select the personnel, choose start and due dates, and send an email notification. 

Self-paced Training: Your officers can login anytime and anywhere to complete training assignments and to conduct their own continuing professional education.

Online Learning Accountability: We provide a "no scroll" video option, randomized test questions, and an individual officer agreement to offer increased verification of individualized training and accurate records.  

Reports: Analyze, save or print video training reports for department personnel.

Mobile Device Accessible: Login from your iPad, your laptop or even your mobile data computer to watch videos, take quizzes or review training completions.   

Custom Logo: Tailor the platform to your organization with a high-resolution logo.

Bulletin Board: Post content, like departmental announcements and company news, for your entire organization to view.

Feedback Link: Staff members and officers can conveniently send us comments or questions about videos and lessons.

Download Options: No Internet available? Need to add a few videos to your training PowerPoint? No problem! We have download options ranging from a couple videos to unlimited access with your annual subscription.