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Crowd Control

The Crowd Control topic focuses in on the difficult task of controlling large groups of people with a limited number of officers and resources. The articles and tips in this section focus on strategies that can help quell a riled up crowd and riot gear — helmets and shields — that will keep them safe in the process. Law enforcement must be prepared for the worst when a controversial verdict is read or a large sports team wins a championship and the celebration spills to the streets.
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December 19, 2014

Oakland PD: We had no idea CHP officers dressed as protesters

Revelation highlights concerns about how authorities are cooperating as they deal with demonstrations - Full Story
December 19, 2014

NYPD: Man arrested in assault on cops during protest

Amateur video shows suspects pushing, kicking and punching officers on the Brooklyn Bridge - Full Story
December 16, 2014

Video: NYPD hunts for 6 protesters after cop's nose broken in melee

Melee left an officer with a broken nose during a demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend - Full Story
December 15, 2014
Protesters block roads by Calif. police HQ, 13 arrested

Protesters block roads by Calif. police HQ, 13 arrested

Demonstrators blocked streets around Oakland police headquarters and chained themselves to the front of the building Monday - Full Story
December 14, 2014

Mo. cop to be disciplined over Darren Wilson name tag

Officer wore the tag with Darren Wilson's last name on it while stationed at City Hall when protesters showed up Friday - Full Story
December 14, 2014

45 arrested after police protests in SF Bay Area

At least 45 people were arrested for crimes such as vandalism, failure to disperse and resisting arrest - Full Story
December 12, 2014

CHP defends plainclothes cop who drew gun at protest

While standing behind the officer, CHP officials also revealed they have created phony Twitter accounts and dressed like demonstrators to do surveillance - Full Story
December 12, 2014

Chicago cop disciplined for playing 'Sweet Home Alabama' at protest

Officer maintains he played the song because he is a University of Alabama fan - Full Story
December 12, 2014
Judge puts limits on police tactics in Mo.

Judge puts limits on police tactics in Mo.

U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson late Thursday granted a temporary restraining order on behalf of protesters - Full Story
December 11, 2014

Video: Protester punches NYPD officers, arrested

Man faces charges of assaulting two NYPD officers Thursday during protests over the grand jury decision on Eric Garner - Full Story

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