Video: Cops’ bar fight different on city camera, YouTube

Two angles show two conflicting stories

By PoliceOne Staff

AKRON, Ohio — A fight between police and bar patrons was videotaped from two angles, and each appear to tell a different story.

Early last week a YouTube video was posted showing a crowd shout at police officers as they kicked one suspect and struck another with an ASP.

A video from an Akron city camera shows that officers were trying to break up a fight that began inside the bar, Fox 8 Cleveland reported. Several drunk bar customers moved outdoors after a bouncer asked them to leave.

Lt. Rick Edwards said a suspect can be seen facing an officer with his fists up – presumably ready to fight.

The officers appeared to be targets of some of the violence and acted to put a stop to it after four or five minutes of confrontation. After the officer kicked the suspect, the fight ended.

"It paints a whole different picture," Edwards said.

Four men were charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest, and Akron police are investigating the incident.

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