Video: Police break up rowdy crowd at Okla. MLK parade

Police tried to remove a pit bull from the MLK parade in Tulsa

By PoliceOne Staff

TULSA, Okla. — Police were met with a chaotic scene when they tried to remove a pit bull from the Martin Luther King Jr. parade Monday.

Marquis Jones, 18, brought his pit bull to the parade and would not listen to animal control officers who tried to take the dog away, according to Fox 23. At that time, mounted officers entered the crowd, alarming some and leaving a few paradegoers trapped between guard rails, according to reports.

The pit bull fought with another dog, sources said. Jones was arrested for possession of marijuana and obstruction and another teen accused of resisting officers.

Police say they did the best they could with an at-times resistant crowd refusing to move when they tried to break up the confusion.

"We're law enforcement, and it’s our responsibility to keep this a peaceful holiday,” said Jenkins. “A lot of time people don't want that to happen."

One Sheriff's Department's horses was injured, though the extent of the injury is unclear. A woman in the crowd reportedly suffered an anxiety attack.

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