Video: Firebomb police, says 'Occupy the RNC'

Demonstrators are advised to employ violent tactics against police at the Republican National Convention in Tampa

By PoliceOne Staff

Videos posted to an Occupy protest website ahead of the Republican National Convention encourage demonstrators to firebomb police and employ other violent tactics at the August event in Tampa.

"If you are looking for ideas to help you with your action planning, here are some helpful videos!" a statement at the top of the ResistRNC page reads.

One video advises throwing Molotov cocktails at officers, and another shows people at a crowded stadium throw torches onto the field.

The site issued a "Notice to Law Enforcement Spying on Us" that threatens lawsuits if police try to intervene with the committee.

Other groups in support of ResistRNC include CODEPINK and Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, according to a report

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