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Crowd Control

Crowd Control

The Crowd Control topic focuses in on the difficult task of controlling large groups of people with a limited number of officers and resources. The articles and tips in this section focus on strategies that can help quell a riled up crowd and riot gear — helmets and shields — that will keep them safe in the process. Law enforcement must be prepared for the worst when a controversial verdict is read or a large sports team wins a championship and the celebration spills to the streets.
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Stampede of teens overwhelm Fla. deputies at state fair

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, which provides fair security, planned for the annual stampede but deputies quickly became overwhelmed - Full Story


Police hit by Molotov cocktails during riots

Footage of protesters clashing with police during the ongoing riots in the Ukraine.


Crowd control: Prisoner processing Secure - Login Required

P1's Mike Janin discusses crowd control teams and the important protocol that needs to be followed when making an arrest.
Crowd control: Prisoner processing


Philly police go undercover in Saints gear at playoff game

During the last home game against Chicago, 15 fans were arrested and 68 were ejected for unruly behavior.


Crowd control: cuffing with flex ties Secure - Login Required

Crowd Control expert Mike Janin demonstrates an effective technique for cuffing with multiple flex ties.
Crowd control: cuffing with flex ties


6 arrested in protest over teen who killed self in squad

Family and friends refute the police chief's claim that the high school student shot himself in the head - Full Story


Ukraine clash between police and protesters escalates

Footage of anti-government protesters clashing with police in the Ukraine.


Protesters fight Ukraine police with bulldozer

Protests in Ukraine have been worsening, with thousands in the capital of Kiev calling for President Viktor Yanukovych to step down over his decision to reject a deal for closer ties with the European Union. Photos show protesters clashing violently with riot police. But this video drives home just how serious the crisis is getting.


Video: Protesters fight Ukraine police with bulldozer

The driver of the bulldozer was talked down before anyone was hurt - Full Story


Police and protesters clash in the streets

Aerial footage captured by a drone of the riots in Bangkok. Protesters continue to demand the unseating of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

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