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Crowd Control

Crowd Control

The Crowd Control topic focuses in on the difficult task of controlling large groups of people with a limited number of officers and resources. The articles and tips in this section focus on strategies that can help quell a riled up crowd and riot gear — helmets and shields — that will keep them safe in the process. Law enforcement must be prepared for the worst when a controversial verdict is read or a large sports team wins a championship and the celebration spills to the streets.
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November 12, 2011
Deaths at 'Occupy' camps ratchet tensions

Deaths at 'Occupy' camps ratchet tensions

A police officer investigates the scene where a man was shot and killed outside the Oakland 'Occupy' encampment where anti-Wall Street protesters have remained for the last month. (AP Photo)
Death in a tent at Occupy Salt Lake City
October 26, 2011
Patience tested over waste, crime at 'Occupy' protest sites

Patience tested over waste, crime at 'Occupy' protest sites

Police are seen dispersing demonstrators in Oakland, Calif. Tuesday, as authorities and residents nationwide begin to lose patience with protesters, who are preparing to settle in for the winter. (RT Image) 'Disgusted'
October 11, 2011
NY protests cost city $1.9 million in police overtime

NY protests cost city $1.9 million in police overtime

The protest on Wall Street has entered its fourth week, and the cost of constant police surveillance will continue to rise at a time when Mayor Bloomberg has ordered budget cuts. (AP Image) Empty police academy?

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