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Crowd Control

Crowd Control

The Crowd Control topic focuses in on the difficult task of controlling large groups of people with a limited number of officers and resources. The articles and tips in this section focus on strategies that can help quell a riled up crowd and riot gear — helmets and shields — that will keep them safe in the process. Law enforcement must be prepared for the worst when a controversial verdict is read or a large sports team wins a championship and the celebration spills to the streets.
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September 22, 2011
Video: Cops’ bar fight different on city camera, YouTube

Video: Cops’ bar fight different on city camera, YouTube

A fight between police and bar patrons in Akron, Ohio was videotaped from two angles, and each appear to tell a different story. Agitating or Defending?
August 09, 2011
Police: Flash mobs not always peaceful

Police: Flash mobs not always peaceful

Thanks to websites like Twitter and Facebook, more and more so-called flash mobs are materializing across the globe, leaving police scrambling to keep tabs on the spontaneous assemblies (AP Photo). Malicious intent?
June 16, 2011
Police confront Stanley Cup rioters

Police confront Stanley Cup rioters

As drunk hockey fans disillusioned from a Canucks loss rioted in Vancouver Wednesday night, a mob looted businesses and burned cars, including police cruisers. Police and riot police tried to control the angry crowd. (AP Photo)

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