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Due Date

California ABC Grants to Local Law Enforcement Agencies California Department of Beverage Control March 2016 Est
Law Enforcement Protection Program Kentucky Office of Homeland Security Quarterly Reviews
Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Grants Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office 03/31/2016
Maryland School Bus Safety Enforcement Fund (SBSE) Maryland Crime Control and Prevention March 2016 Est
Nebraska Office of Highway Safety Grant Nebraska Department of Roads March 2016 Est
Nevada Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Nevada DPS-Office of Criminal Justice Assistance March 2016 Est
Virginia Safe Routes to School Non-Infrastructure Grants Virginia Department of Transportation March 2016 Est
Justice Information Sharing Solutions Implementation Program FY2014 Competitive Grant Bureau of Justice Assistance March 2016 Est
Colorado Highway Safety Grant Colorado Department of Transportation April 2016 Est
Law Enforcement and Missing Persons with Alzheimer's Disease Bureau of Justice Assistance April 2016 Est