Video: A classic open-carry response

Unfortunately for Shane, Blake, and Warren (no last names given), they ran into a cool, calm, and collected Officer named Jim (that’s what the J. stands for) Estes

Three young men in Albany (Ore.) set out one afternoon in hopes of making ‘an educational, instructional video’ on the surefire hot-topic of open-carry citizens. 

This triumvirate of Constitutional scholars — Shane, Blake, and Warren (no last names given) — hoped to “test the police atmosphere around firearms for not only legal, but personal views.”

Unfortunately for them, if they were hoping to come out on top and score a smug-citizen victory like so many of these guys are aiming for, they came across the wrong man in Officer Jim Estes.

Officer Estes may not be a tenured faculty member at the local college, but he sure took these kids to school.

Stammering Towards Gomorrah
It’s really hard to pick a favorite element to the video, but the disparity between the rhetorical capabilities of the two “sides” is pretty priceless. If you didn’t have the patience to watch all 15 minutes of this thing, and bailed out early, I totally understand. But take it from me, the after-action dialog is worth seeing. 

At around the 13-minute mark, our trio of citizen journalists strides away and launch into a sort of performance evaluation on Officer Estes. Truly funny stuff. 

We came across this clip yesterday on LiveLeak — it was originally posted on YouTube last summer. Even though it’s a few months old, we know many of you folks won’t have had the pleasure of seeing it.

Since this thing is making the rounds on the Internet again, we may as well take this opportunity to review some of the things to keep in mind about encounters with open carry advocates.


1.) Know your local law
2.) Know your weapons
3.) Keep your cool
4.) Use command presence
5.) Use verbal judo
6.) Remain professional
7.) Maintain your 360
8.) Remember ‘plus one’
9.) Call for backup
10.) Watch the hands

A certain number of open-carry advocates are out on the streets with the sole purpose of provoking a confrontation with law enforcement. They want nothing more than to trip you up, make you flustered, and get you irritated.

Unfortunately for Shane, Blake, and Warren, they ran into the cool, calm, and collected verbal judo of Officer Jim “that’s what the J. stands for” Estes.  

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