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The K-9 topic page provides police canine handlers with news and information to increase the effectiveness of a K-9 team. Whether you are working with a cadaver dog, bomb-detection dog, search-and-rescue dog, or enforcement dog, this page is for you. And if you don’t currently work with K-9s, this is a great place for animal lovers to learn how to get into this exciting area of law enforcement.
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April 22, 2011
Beloved K-9 dies 5 days after retirement

Beloved K-9 dies 5 days after retirement

Sabre was a special K-9, often chosen to interact with children and partake in demonstrations in addition to his role as a narcotics dog. He served the Galloway Township Police Department since 2005. 'Passed away peacefully'
April 15, 2011
The rise of firearms-sniffing K-9s

The rise of firearms-sniffing K-9s

Cops regularly use K-9s to locate narcotics, bombs, and bodies. Dogs are also used in fish and wildlife as well as to locate cell phones in prison. But one of the latest trends has to do with the detection of firearms.
Gun dogs on warrants
February 12, 2011
Airport security: 'Don't sniff my junk?'

Airport security: 'Don't sniff my junk?'

Although K-9s are currently not allowed to sniff human beings in typical law enforcement settings, bringing explosive-detection K-9s out of the cargo hold and into airport security lines makes a lot of sense.
Less invasive than pat downs

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