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Officer Safety

Officer Safety

Officer Safety

The Officer Safety topic page has the specific mission of keeping cops safe through current & quality information, with tips, columnist commentary, and the latest news updates. From techniques to employ against assailants to alerts on growing threats against officers, the Officer Safety topic page is a key resource for officers everywhere.
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Slain Calif. police sergeant honored as 'warrior'

His eagerness to get the bad guys was what endeared him to fellow officers - Full Story


2 Fla. cops injured after cruisers collide

An off-duty officer attempted to make a left turn into a shopping plaza when the two marked cars collided - Full Story


3 alternative ways of considering tactical thinking Steve "Pappy" Papenfuhs - Training to Think

3 alternative ways of considering tactical thinking

While police operations can be based on acronym-based mission-planning methodologies such as OCOKA, SMEAC and METT-TC — here are three alternative ways of considering tactical thinking - Full Story


Reality Training: How to avoid accidents at shooting ranges

Dave Smith outlines the proper safety precautions police officers should take while training out on the range.


Pittsburgh police chief says he expects to unveil new programs to reduce violence

Chief plans to launch an online map that will allow people to search for crime statistics by date and neighborhoods - Full Story


Off-duty NY cop shot in attempted carjacking

Officer was in car with his family when two men pulled up in another vehicle armed with guns - Full Story


Baltimore's monthly homicide count reaches a high again

The number of homicides and shootings spiked after unrest sparked by the death of Freddie Gray - Full Story


Video: Police release footage of Chattanooga shooter's DUI stop

Police released dashcam footage of gunman being pulled over on April 20 and undergoing roadside sobriety checks - Full Story


Review: NYPD body camera program should record more stops

A body camera pilot program raised a variety of questions about how to best monitor police and community interactions - Full Story


Video: Cincinnati cop pleads not guilty to murder charge

Video: Cincinnati cop pleads not guilty to murder charge

People in the courtroom audience erupted into cheers and clapping when bond was set at $1 million - Full Story

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