Who's packing? 10 cues for identifying armed suspects

Armed suspects often exhibit behavioral indicators that they're carrying a concealed weapon

Without realizing it, armed suspects often exhibit behavioral indicators that they’re carrying a concealed weapon. Ten tattletale “tells” were itemized at the latest ILEETA conference by Ofcr. Greg Lee — a firearms and use-of-force instructor with the Metropolitan Nashville (Tenn.) Police Department — then elaborated on in a recent PoliceOne interview. If you’re familiar with these tics, you’ll be better able to detect a potentially dangerous adversary before making an approach.

Many of these characteristics apply to suspects carrying drugs or other contraband, as well as guns, Lee says. “This list, based on training tips from ATF, makes an excellent roll call reminder — and on the street could make a life-or-death difference. Heightened awareness is an important component of survival.”

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