Defense lawyer criticizes FDNY response to mob attacking cops

Cops were kicked, beaten on ground; firefighter mounted fire truck, dispersed crowd by spraying its water cannon

By PoliceOne Staff

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Firefighters who used a water cannon on Tuesday to disperse a mob attacking police officers in Staten Island, N.Y., are being criticized by the defense lawyer for two of the melee suspects.

"The last time I heard water cannons being used on unarmed citizens was the civil rights movement in the '60s," D. Andrew Marshall told SILive.

"That needs to be investigated post-haste," he added, "starting with who authorized the use of a water cannon on unarmed citizens, kids."

FDNY's Engine Co. 158 aided two police officers, who came to the scene in response to a threatened high school girl. They were overrun by the mob and were being kicked and beaten on the ground, SILive says.

That's when a firefighter mounted the engine truck and sprayed the crowd with its water cannon. The crowd began to disperse, and police backup arrived a few minutes later.

Nine people, both teens and adults, were arrested after the brawl.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent the firehouse a platter of cold cuts, cookies, soda and salads from a Staten Island deli as thanks.

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