Video: NY cop killing suspect was 'nervous,' he says

Officer Peter Figoski was a 22-year police veteran, husband and father of four daughters

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW YORK — A slain NYPD officer's suspected killer said he was "nervous" when he shot the police veteran.

Lamont Pride and four others are charged in the death of Officer Peter Figoski after a drug deal became a shooting and have entered not guilty pleas, NBC New York reported. Pride, 27, told prosecutors he wants a shorter sentence for coming forward with his statements.

"The reason I decided to come forward with everything is I need to help myself out of this situation," Pride says in the video. "I’m not gonna get out of it. I know I’m gonna do some type of crime. I’m not trying to do the max."

As Officer Figoski arrived with other officers at an apartment to investigate a 911 call, Pride claims he tripped and then accidentally pulled the trigger as he tried to get away from the cops.

"As I’m running, I’m clutching my hands. I never took my hand off the trigger," Pride says. "That was my mistake. I was so nervous and I panicked. I didn't even think."

Police say the shooting was from point-blank range and intentional. Pride did not appear to have any remorse and according to the mayor, committed "a depraved criminal act."

Figoski was a husband and father of four daughters.

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