Don't backlight your buddy

Admittedly, this is basic, Academy-class-level stuff, but as was discussed during a daylong training last month, this type of mistake happens altogether too frequently

As a matter or pure percentages, how often do you dynamically clear a building (read: speed, surprise, and violence of action) compared with slowly, methodically, clearing a building?  Unless you’re on a full-time SWAT team — and it’s your JOB! to do the former — most patrol officers responding to ‘building alarm’ or other such calls use the latter tactic.  Perhaps 95 percent of the time, you’re deliberately moving from room to room to room, taking your time, looking thoroughly for the trespasser/violator.  Right?

Unless you’re on the SWAT team — and you’re turning night to day with a flash-bang followed by multi-officer entry with weapons-mounted and shield-mounted lights — you’re probably working in as part of a two-officer team.  Right? 

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