Video: Officer shot in face, ignored by witnesses

Man backs away from cop, shoots him during arrest attempt

By PoliceOne Staff

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. — Surveillance tape shows witnesses stand by as an East St. Louis police officer shot in the face struggles to get up.

Officer Michael Baxton Jr., 26, attempted to pin a man against a car last month while trying to make an arrest, according to In the video, Cortez Gillum backs away, then pulls a gun and shoots the officer.

A few people come to look while others unload a car, but no one provides assistance.

"It's already dangerous out here let alone trying to be a part of something that you know nothing about. It's going to make you a victim next," one anonymous resident explained.

The officer got up and radioed for help himself. SWAT teams raided two buildings and arrested Gillum.

Baxton was admitted to the hospital, where he underwent surgery for a shattered jaw, The Belleville News Democrat reported. It is unclear if he will require additional medical treatment, but his family said he is currently up and moving around.

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