Video: Aftermath of fatal Pa. officer-involved shooting

Police are investigating accusations made by witnesses

By PoliceOne Staff

PHILADELPHIA — Newly-obtained cell phone video shows the immediate aftermath of a fatal officer-involved shooting in Olney that has put residents and police at odds.

Two weeks ago officers responded to a street corner in Olney, where a man on foot fired shots at the driver of a red SUV. Police said Vanna Sok, 24, pointed his weapon at officers and would not drop the gun, and an officer shot Sok in the head.

In the video, police load Sok's body into a van for transport to the hospital, where he later died. Since the shooting, police say members of the Cambodian community have put forth credible threats to kill officers.

Witnesses claim the officer fired at Sok from the cruiser's passenger seat without warning, and other angry residents told My Fox Philadelphia they were harassed by police at Sok's memorial. The department is investigating both accusations.

"If there's anything we need to do that needs to be corrected, we'll ensure that it happens," Deputy Police Commissioner Thomas Wright said.

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