Video: Police imposters repelled from armed-robbery attempt

Alert store owner draws his own firearm, returns rounds on his assailants, and forces two armed gunmen from his establishment to their waiting get-away car

By PoliceOne Staff

TAMPA — Four police impersonators who’d planned on holding up a jewelry store at gunpoint found themselves looking down the barrel of the store owner’s gun. 

Marcelo Suarez initially believed the two men outside his locked door were cops, but as soon as he buzzed them past the doors, the assailants drew weapons and began to fire.

Suarez drew his own handgun and returned fire, forcing the suspects to retreat.

One of the gunmen fell to the floor just inside the doorway, and surveillance video from the store shows his partner dragging him to the waiting get-away car, which Suarez said was a "blue or green Saturn with tinted windows and flashing lights" like an unmarked squad,

Suarez was unhurt.

Tampa Police are searching for four men.  

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