Video: Dog shot, man arrested for trespassing by Omaha officer

Drunk man walking dog ignored officers' order to avoid armed suspect scene

By PoliceOne Staff

OMAHA — An Omaha officer arrested a man and fatally shot a dog after they entered an area that had been blocked off in search of an armed suspect.

Chris Schulte, described in a police report as intoxicated, was walking the dog on Oct. 7 after midnight, when he ignored orders to stop and avoid the search area.

Two officers wrote in the report the “suspect’s dog became aggressive, growled at officers, and showed its teeth before being shot and killed,” according to NBC 6 News.

Schulte was arrested at the scene for obstructing police and resisting arrest. He claims the leashed dog didn’t threaten to attack officers before being shot.

“I would think they would maybe TASER her or something if they thought she was being aggressive,” said Michelle Meadows, the owner.

Omaha police have opened an internal investigation.

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