Video: Ore. officer’s harrowing spike strip stop

the officer, just feet from the speeding vehicle, deploys the strip in time to stop the vehicle

By PoliceOne Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. — Video shows an officer — just feet away from a car barreling by at an estimated 50 miles per hour — throw a spike strip just in time to stop the speeding vehicle driving past the scene. 

The pursuit began when Richard Millican, 35, was caught speeding in a Cadillac DeVille and ran through a stop sign, refusing to pull over, according to

The spike strip successfully deflated the tires of the vehicle, causing Millican to lose control and crash into an unoccupied van parked in a driveway.

Methamphetamine was found in the vehicle after Millican was taken by ambulance for injuries, according to the article.

He was issued citations for attempt to elude in a vehicle, driving while suspended, reckless driving, criminal mischief and distribution and possession of methamphetamine.

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