Video: St. Paul officer saves partner after ambush

An officer reacted without hesitation to take down a man determined to kill his partner

By PoliceOne Staff

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Dash cam footage was released of an officer who fired at a suspect after the man shot his partner amidst an ambush.

Officer Daniel King was seriously wounded after being shot in the back and arm in the Oct. 22 incident.

King’s partner, Officer Brian Wanschura, can be seen tumbling out of his squad car as shots are firing, along with shouts of “Mayday!” in the background.

Wanschura fatally shot Chue Xiong, the suspected shooter, saving King’s life, according to ABC 5 News.

"He was literally feet away from the suspect who was intent on killing," St. Paul Police Federation president Dave Titus told the Pioneer Press.

"He was completely vulnerable, in the open and he reacted so swiftly. He took the situation over and saved lives. There's no doubt about it."

Police received reports the night of the incident that Xiong had stolen a 12-gauge shotgun from his family’s home, and he opened fire at the site of the officers, hitting King.

A grand jury found in December that police were justified in shooting Xiong.

"The thing that draws my attention is how quickly officer Wanschura noted the threat and then the speed of his reaction," Titus said. "His response is what officers would hope theirs would be."

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