Video: IHOP pursuit, shooting kills 2

Police responded to reports of a man being held in a truck at gunpoint before the vehicle took off

By PoliceOne Staff

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Lafayette police have released the 911 call and footage of the pursuit and exchange of gunfire that left two dead Thursday night, and have officially determined it to be a murder-suicide.

Police were called to an IHOP where a man was allegedly being held against his will, and a pursuit ensued.

According to, it was a friend of Ray Hershman, 62, who called to say Hershman was being held at gunpoint by a homeless man, identified as Keith Moseley, 46.

Officers Donna Gregorash and Adam Mellady arrived at the scene and found blood in the parking lot, and saw a truck driving off.

Gregorash fired three shots at the truck as it sped toward them, according to the article.

A pursuit lasted 30 seconds before Moseley fired a shot into the cab and drove into a home, killing himself. Hershman was also found dead in the vehicle, allegedly from a gunshot wound.

During a news conference, Chief Pat Flannelly stated he believes Gregorash was justified using deadly force, and won’t face criminal charges.

During the incident, Gregorash thought Mellady had been shot by the suspect.

“She was in fear for Mellady. She was in fear for her life,” Deputy Chief Dave Payne told media. “And she took the appropriate action.”

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