Video: Man stabs Atlanta cop with butcher knife, gets shot

Man stabbed an officer in the back with a 14-inch long butcher knife before another cop shot the suspect

By PoliceOne Staff

ATLANTA — Cell phone video has been released capturing a violent incident in Atlanta Wednesday.

CBS 46 reports the incident began when an officer attempted to stop a man from drinking in Woodruff Park in the downtown area.

The man kept walking and was stopped by a plainclothes Georgia State University officer in front of the GSU police station, according to the report.

It was then that the suspect stabbed the GSU officer in the back with a 14-inch long butcher knife. The officer who originally attempted to stop the man then fired a shot.

The man was reportedly given multiple warnings before the officer shot him.

The suspect was hit in the lower torso. Both the GSU officer and the man were taken to a hospital in stable condition. 

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