Video: Teen records NJ cop, family files suit

A plainclothes officer asked the subject to turn off the camera, which he did not

By PoliceOne Staff

HANOVER, N.J. — A New Jersey family claims in a lawsuit police arrested their teenage son because he was videotaping a police confrontation.

The incident began when Austin DeCaro, 15, and a few friends were in a Hanover Township park several months after dusk, which was past park curfew.

"I saw this random guy telling us to sit on the curb and I didn't know if he was a cop or not," DeCaro told WABC. "I decided I should record it."

In the video, the plainclothes officer asks DeCaro to turn off the camera, which he does not. DeCaro claims he was then taken to the ground, where he was placed in handcuffs.

"Now, you're going to get charged, now your parents are going to come," the officer is heard saying.

"For what, having a video camera on?" DeCaro replied.

After the chief of police viewed the video, Decaro's charges of obstruction and vandalism were dropped. He was still charged with being in the park after hours.

Bryan Konoski, who is representing the DeCaro family in their lawsuit, claims the officer used excesive force by becoming angry about being videotaped.

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