Video: Wis. cruiser hits pedestrian in blackout

Man stepped into street during power outage leaving roadway black

By PoliceOne Staff

WAUSAU, Wis. — Dash cam footage shows a man being struck Tuesday night by a Wausau Police Department squad car during a blackout.

The crash occurred after a power outage darkened the roadways and left 1,100 residents without power, according to the Wausau Daily Herald.

Chang Vang Thao, 89, appeared to be dressed in dark clothing when he suddenly stepped in front of the vehicle. He was taken to Aspirus Wausau Hospital in critical condition.

The driver, officer Shawn Pierschalla, had been going slower than the posted speed limit when the incident occurred.

“He’s very upset about the incident. As an officer, we swear an oath to serve and protect, and when incidents like this happen that cause injury, it’s very upsetting for all of us,” Wausau Police Lt. Bryan Hilts said.

No citations are expected to be issued.

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