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Patrol Video

Patrol Video

The Patrol Video topic page is the go-to destination for police officers looking for the latest law enforcement videos, from police dashcam footage or viral police videos that have been shared among cops online.
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August 15, 2013

Video: Ga. police save kidnapped baby, chase down suspect

Police were forced to pursue the woman who stole her friend's baby, reaching speeds of 100 mph - Full Story
August 15, 2013
Texas police add body cameras to gear

Texas police add body cameras to gear

Fort Worth police are using seized money to purchase the body cameras for their force - Full Story
August 13, 2013

Video: Suspect speeds off, dragging cop behind

The officer jumped back up and continued pursuing the suspects - Full Story
August 09, 2013

Video: Drunk man dances for Ohio police at DUI stop

Dale Bentley danced around during his field sobriety test before blowing a 0.24 - Full Story
August 01, 2013

Video: Zimmerman stopped for speeding, going 'nowhere in particular'

The officer hadn't realized who he pulled over and told Zimmerman to relax - Full Story
July 30, 2013

Video: Wis. police fatally shoot fleeing suspect

Police were cleared of any wrongdoing for killing the suspect, as they feared for the safety of their officers and community - Full Story
July 23, 2013

NM police under fire after woman arrested during diabetic attack

Police believed the woman was intoxicated after she crashed her car and was unresponsive to the officers - Full Story
July 23, 2013

Video: SUV fleeing SC police veers off bridge

The officer exits his vehicle and peers over the bridge onto railroad tracks below where the SUV landed - Full Story
July 10, 2013

Video: Calif. university cops patrol with Zero motorcycles

With no gas emissions and no engine noise, the Zero bikes are stealthy, eco-friendly, and a great way to bond with the community - Full Story
July 10, 2013

Video: Masked man attacks squad with paving slabs

When police began pursuing a stolen vehicle, 4 men jumped out and ran at the officers - Full Story

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