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Patrol Video

Patrol Video

The Patrol Video topic page is the go-to destination for police officers looking for the latest law enforcement videos, from police dashcam footage or viral police videos that have been shared among cops online.
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July 10, 2013

Video: Calif. university cops patrol with Zero motorcycles

With no gas emissions and no engine noise, the Zero bikes are stealthy, eco-friendly, and a great way to bond with the community - Full Story
July 10, 2013

Video: Masked man attacks squad with paving slabs

When police began pursuing a stolen vehicle, 4 men jumped out and ran at the officers - Full Story
July 10, 2013

Video: St. Paul police deploy pepper spray to suspect's ear

Eric Hightower refuses to cooperate as police attempt to arrest him, then screams when he is sprayed with pepper spray - Full Story
July 08, 2013

Video released of cop striking teen following acquittal of charges

The officer, who was fired following the incident, claimed that the suspect tried pulling a gun and he acted in self defense - Full Story
July 08, 2013

Opinions vary for Okla. cops on dash, body cameras

Everything being recorded adds an element of liability - both to the officers and to the people they are protecting - Full Story
July 06, 2013

Video: Google Glass films first arrest at Jersey Shore

A Google Glass test user was filming along the boardwalk when a fight broke out - Full Story
July 05, 2013

Video shows suspect stealing Utah squad car

The suspect somehow works his hands out of his cuffs and dove into the front seat before police realized what he'd done - Full Story
July 01, 2013

Top 5 police videos of June

By PoliceOne Staff In June, police on patrol came into contact with everything from false alarms to very... - Full Story
June 26, 2013

Video: Driver goads officer into his losing temper

The officer approached the vehicle after it circled a crime scene several times - Full Story

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