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Patrol Video

The Patrol Video topic page is the go-to destination for police officers looking for the latest law enforcement videos, from police dashcam footage or viral police videos that have been shared among cops online.
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June 04, 2013

Video: Ohio man flees cops, killed in shootout

One officer was hit in the arm and vest but has since recovered and is back on duty - Full Story
June 03, 2013

Top 5 police videos of May

By PoliceOne Staff The videos released in May proved just how dangerous the life of a police officer... - Full Story
May 28, 2013

Dashcam company eyes rise in civilian sales

They believe people are likely to start using cameras for their own defense against police claims - Full Story
May 22, 2013

Video: Texas deputy shot in face at traffic stop

The officer had no idea he was pulling over a convicted felon wanted for murder - Full Story
May 22, 2013

Video: Gift-snatching thieves cornered by cops

Three 'anti-santas' made off with presents from three homes in December before police caught them - Full Story
May 03, 2013

Top 5 police videos of April

By PoliceOne Staff Cameras in April caught police in some of their most heroic efforts — whether... - Full Story
May 03, 2013

Video: Suspect ambushes Ohio police with hail of gunfire

The suspect was killed in the intense altercation, both officers were treated for non-life threatening injuries - Full Story
April 22, 2013

Police release thermal imaging video of bombing suspect’s capture

The three-minute long video shows Tsarnaev hiding under a plastic cover in a boat in at a residence in Watertown - Full Story
April 15, 2013

Ariz. police test impact of body-worn cameras

One test group of officers wlll wear the cameras while another group does not for the same period of time - Full Story
April 08, 2013

Police chief weighs benefits of body-worn cameras

One chief is deciding if video will bring peace between police and civilians, while some officers oppose 'Big Brother' following them around - Full Story

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