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Patrol Video

Patrol Video

The Patrol Video topic page is the go-to destination for police officers looking for the latest law enforcement videos, from police dashcam footage or viral police videos that have been shared among cops online.
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Colo. police continue search for missing girl

Colo. police continue search for missing girl

The discovery of the body is the latest turn in the disappearance of Jessica Ridgeway - Full Story


Video: Young girl fights to save dad's job as officer

Proposed budget in Anderson, Ind., would eliminate seven police officers and more than 20 firefighters - Full Story


Dash cam: Pit maneuver to catch fugitive

Police perform a pit maneuver to catch a fugitive in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Video: Pursuit ends with car hitting house

Suspect bailed out of the car and his vehicle hit a house, whose occupants were not injured - Full Story


Video: LA police pull over party bus

Deputies said one of the women called 911 to complain that two suspects smashed up her car - Full Story


Officers notified of new chief via YouTube video

Video uploaded under account for the city of McKinney, Texas - Full Story


Video: Thief takes iPhone from child

Appears suspect deliberately targeted a child - Full Story


Scars of the heart: The Ron Corbin story Keith Bettinger - Musings of a Retired Cop

Scars of the heart: The Ron Corbin story

Years of survivor guilt came to a head in the penning of a letter found one night while browsing the Internet - Full Story


Video: Pair rams squad in UK

When suspects drove away, they dragged the patrol car down the street - Full Story

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