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Patrol Video

Patrol Video

The Patrol Video topic page is the go-to destination for police officers looking for the latest law enforcement videos, from police dashcam footage or viral police videos that have been shared among cops online.
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Video: Woman, 65, shoots at 5 masked robbers

The owner of a jewelry store saw men carrying weapons and grabbed a handgun she keeps for protection - Full Story


No body armor can stop a vehicle Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - 10-43: Be Advised...

No body armor can stop a vehicle

Vehicles present myriad dangers to police officers. I’ve written in the past about the dangers of... - Full Story


Video: Ferrari runs over NY officer's foot

Driver tried to pull away while officer was writing him a parking ticket - Full Story


Video: Officer shot in chest, saved by vest

Dash cam captures Mich. Officer Donald Viars getting shot by suspect - Full Story


5 most popular police videos of July

By PoliceOne Staff The most-watched videos of July include an Ind. police officer ambushed during a traffic... - Full Story


Mo. police shift from holding cells after shove sparked suit

More suspects under arrest will be taken to jail as a result of an August incident in which an officer shoved an inmate in a holding cell - Full Story


Video shows ambush of officer shot in the head

Despite being wounded, officer was able radio a description of the suspect - Full Story


Video is focus of planted-evidence claim

Dash cam video was filmed two years ago during the arrest of a man who pleaded guilty to cocaine possession but now claims the drugs were planted - Full Story


Video: Uniformed cop picks up prostitutes

A Melbourne, Fla., police officer was fired after being accused of picking up prostitutes in his patrol car - Full Story


Video: Cop takes down man in NY subway station

The activist who recorded the video claims it shows excessive force - Full Story

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