Four recent suicide by cop incidents serve as reminders for officer safety

In just a matter of the last few days, four suicide by cop incidents across the country — one involving an Illinois man who waved a realistic looking pellet gun at an officer until he shot him, another in Florida where a man holding two knives provoked police into shooting him after he predicted his own death, another in Tennessee where a man continued to fire at an unmarked police squad as clear provocation to get officers to kill him, and yet another where a former NYPD was shot by officers in Florida--serve as reminders that this phenomenon is to be taken seriously.

Be sure to read the PoliceOne report, "Suicide By Cop: 15 Warning Signs That You Might Be Involved" listed below. We also recommend the book, "Suicide By Cop: Inducing Officers To Shoot" available from Looseleaf Law Publications, (800) 647-5547,

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