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The SWAT topic page gives tactical officers and cops who want to join the ranks of the elite special units in their departments wide variety of news, tips, columns, commentary, and articles to achieve the objective. The latest techniques being tested by leading edge departments and the tried-and-true tactics upon which the foundations of SWAT were built can be found here.
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Carry a rifle? Carry a battle bag

If you carry a patrol rifle, consider buying yourself a "battle bag" to keep up front with you. These... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Domestic disturbance response: 10 tips for winning at these volatile calls Dr. Richard Weinblatt - Weinblatt's Tips

Domestic disturbance response: 10 tips for winning at these volatile calls

Around ten years ago, as a patrol division deputy sheriff with the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department in... - Full Story


Tactical Positioning

When an officer has a citizen encounter they should consider their "tactical position." We all have been... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Mental training

Commonly, officers who have been involved in shooting situations say that they were briefly surprised... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Work out wisely before your shift

Heavy lifting, extended cardio or even strenuous aerobics can leave your muscles fatigued for several... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Take your time in passive entries

On passive building entries where you have approached quietly and have the first entry door opened: stop...... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


FL transit driver found with improvised bomb allegedly threatened to blow up bus

The Associated Press DAVIE, Fla. -- A mass transit driver was arrested Monday after he allegedly threatened... - Full Story


Files show Ore. police in disarray during deadly standoff

MAXINE BERNSTEIN, The Oregonian Copyright 2005 The Oregonian All Rights Reserved Detective Rae Klein... - Full Story


Unloading a firearm

While spending time on the range qualifying members of my department with our Glock 23 duty weapon, I... - Full Story Secure - Login Required

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