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The SWAT topic page gives tactical officers and cops who want to join the ranks of the elite special units in their departments wide variety of news, tips, columns, commentary, and articles to achieve the objective. The latest techniques being tested by leading edge departments and the tried-and-true tactics upon which the foundations of SWAT were built can be found here.
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March 18, 2011
Mall video triggers 10-hour manhunt

Mall video triggers 10-hour manhunt

Security at the biggest mall in Virginia called dispatch reporting a man with a "big assault rifle." Dozens of cops and a SWAT team evacuated the mall to search for the man and the weapon.
False secondhand report
March 14, 2011
FBI eyes 'Sovereign Citizens'

FBI eyes 'Sovereign Citizens'

Anti-government "Sovereign Citizens" are expanding, according to the FBI. SWAT officers in Atlanta recently surrounded a foreclosed house seized by a group who threatened violence against anybody who approached.
Video: 'Sovereign' explains beliefs
February 14, 2011
Critics slam 'no-knock' police raids

Critics slam 'no-knock' police raids

"No-knock" raids have gone from 3,000 per year in the 1980s to nearly 80,000, said a professor who tracks the issue. Some say the surprise element poses an unnecessary threat to people whose residences are entered. Video: Golf club wielding man shot

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