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Quality, Up to Date Training is Essential for Effective Law Enforcement

  • Featuring more than 650 short format video courses
  • 40+ critical training topics
  • 100 one-hour courses & training blocks
  • Centralized training records
  • Perfect for briefing and roll call sessions
  • Accessible 24/7 training anytime, anywhere
  • Videos are filmed, posted and downloadable in high-definition
  • Content features detailed lesson plans and quizzes

Convenient and User Friendly

The PoliceOne Academy’s web-based platform is accessible 24/7 anywhere there is an Internet connection. Users can view content on their own time, at their own pace. The system is engaging, intuitive and easy to utilize. For more information, call us today at 1-866-941-4090 or click the button below!

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Give Your Department the Ultimate Weapon: Quality Training

We believe a well-trained department is a safer, more efficient and more effective department. The PoliceOne Academy’s cost effective approach to web-based training gives agencies of all sizes and budgets a significant advantage. With our platform, department training officers can rest easily knowing their employees have access to the very best training tools available. At the end of the day that helps everyone stay safe and decrease liability, while saving departments time and money.                                                                



Sample Training


Your Online Training Solution

“We have found the content to be very beneficial to augmenting our overall training curriculum. I have found the breadth and variety of subjects provided as well as the subject matter experts to be second-to-none. The length of the training videos is perfect for incorporation into both full-length courses, as well as roll-call training.”

John D. Landfair | Director of Training, Chesapeake Law Enforcement Academy, Virginia

The PoliceOne Academy Sample Training Topics

Active Shooter

Responding to calls involving an active shooter can be one of the most dangerous situations officers will encounter. Training videos included here discuss protocol for response, the five phases of an active shooter, the active versus classic barricade suspect, and more.


Having a solid foundation of leadership is essential to agency morale and efficiency. Discussions here highlight tips for being a good mentor, developing leaders, succession planning, and more.

Defensive Tactics

As an officer on the street encountering volatile situations on a regular basis, you must be prepared to defend yourself physically or take control of a violent offender. The ability to subdue an attacker and prevent harm to yourself and citizens is a critical skill, and the techniques here will teach you to do just that, while also preventing unnecessary harm to the attacker.

K-9 Operations

K-9s are a valuable resource to law enforcement in areas of suspect apprehension, tracking, narcotics detection, and evidence detection. This section shows how utilizing and training with K-9 units can make a mission safer and more efficient.

Narcotics Enforcement

Narcotics enforcement is a dangerous environment where officers must be on guard at all times. Discussion in this section covers everything from identifying the indicators of a drug lab and de-conflicting events, to recognizing the signs of drug impairment and more.

Subject Control

Dealing with suspects is dangerous, unpredictable, and an often volatile encounter. This section provides officers with sound tactics for good situational awareness, techniques for safely apprehending suspects, and more.

Edged Weapons

Encountering an individual baring an edged weapon can be a life-or-death situation. Continual refresher training on the dangers these weapons pose is essential. This section covers how to counter a spontaneous knife attack, respond to an armed, emotionally disturbed person, discusses the concept of the “21 Foot Rule,” and more.

Officer Survival

Lessons learned from other agencies often serve as powerful examples in officer survival training. Debriefs of numerous high-risk calls that are featured here foster discussion in areas of leadership during combat situations, and making critical decisions while under intense pressure. Also discussed is preparation for these types of incidents.

Traffic Safety

Statistics provide an eye-opening reminder that traffic accidents are the leading cause of officer deaths year after year. The segments provided showcase techniques for conducting surveillance, operating patrol vehicles in ever changing environments, and training officers on the latest in defensive tactics among other topics.
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