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Acie Mitchell

Areas of Expertise: Founder TNT Defense Systems
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Born in Okeechobee and raised in Miami Florida, Acie Mitchell has built an impressive reputation and career as a martial arts, defensive tactics, and self-defense Master Instructor. Acie worked as a corrections officer for both the state of FL and the county of Dade where his 4th degree black-belt Aikido skills were often put to the test.

He was the only law enforcement defensive tactics instructor to teach at both Broward and Miami Dade School of Justice police academies simultaneously in the year 2005. He also became the primary defensive tactics instructor teaching police and corrections personnel defensive tactics in several areas: striking techniques, pressure points, takedowns, transporters, restraint devices, impact weapons, handgun disarms/retention, edged weapon defense, escapes from street attacks, vascular neck restraint, and ground survival tactics at Miami Dade College, School Of Justice.

In 2006, Acie became a crewmember self-defense instructor for Homeland Security trained by the US Federal Air Marshal Service. He also teaches firearms and law enforcement vehicle operations to law enforcement personnel. In 2007, Acie became a certified F.I.G.H.T. instructor of the Haganah system, founded by Israeli Special Forces Commander, Mike Lee Kanarek. By the end of 2008, Acie has added Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting and Ground Survival to his list of credentials of the Haganah system.

He is a master instructor, teaching thousands of law enforcement professionals self-defense averaging over 1,400 hours of teaching per year. He is a former SWAT officer of the Sweetwater Police Department and has several feature films and music videos to his credit.