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Barb Harris

Areas of Expertise: Dispatch Communications
As a 30 year veteran police officer, Barb has worked in almost every law enforcement capacity and type of agency. She began her career at the Tucson Police Department working as a dispatcher, officer, detective and sergeant, then moved to Missouri and became the Chief Deputy at the Cass County Sheriff’s Department. When her family relocated to Illinois, Barb became an Academy Training Instructor and Community Policing Liaison for the Illinois State Police. After moving back to Arizona, Barb became the Commander and Interim Chief at Pima Community College Department of Public Safety, then retired as an Assistant Chief of the Marana (AZ) PD in 2009. She currently works for the Tucson Police Department as a Regional Emergency Response Planner and volunteers as a Reserve Police Officer. Barb has been a certified police instructor and curriculum development specialist for over twenty-five years, teaching courses in Critical Incident Response, Career Survival, Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees, Defensive Tactics, Community Policing, and Physical Fitness. She is a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Staff and Command, the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Program and the Southwest Command College.