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Bob Lindsey

Areas of Expertise: Overcoming Fears

Coach Bob Lindsey retired from law enforcement after 34 years of service. He retired at the rank of Colonel from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana. His career included military service, all sectors of law enforcement, as well as governmental security.

The colonel is a graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the FBI National Academy. He is best known as "Coach Bob" by countless numbers of police officers and law enforcement trainers throughout the United States and other nations.

Since his retirement, he continues to utilize his vast experience to teach law enforcement trainers his renowned course entitled Mental Preparation for Winning & Surviving. His experience and dedication include his tireless efforts to educate police officers around the world. He is a founding member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, serving on the Board of Directors of that organization for 16 years. He also holds the position of International Instructor Trainer emeritus with Monadnock Lifetime Products.

He writes and creates Tactical tips for and he is a member and contributor to Team one and ILEETA.

Colonel Lindsey has received numerous awards and honors, including Outstanding Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year, and the Lifetime Achievement award from ASLET. Others are too numerous to mention. Colonel Lindsey is a Verbal Judo instructor having the honor to have received his training from Dr. George Thompson. He has assisted Dr. Thompson in the presentation of the Verbal Judo Instructor Course. Colonel Lindsey also taught with and continues to learn from Gary Klugweicz who he has know for over twenty years.

Colonel Lindsey is married to Maggie, and together they share six children and 16 grandchildren.