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Bob Willis

Areas of Expertise: Defensive Tactics Instructor
Expert Photo Bob Willis has trained federal, state and local agencies and officers for over 25 years in the areas of defensive tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, vehicle contacts, professional communications, constitutional law, report writing and numerous other disciplines. For a decade he co-presented the Calibre Press “Street Survival® Seminar” across the USA and Canada. Bob has been a patrol officer, "SWAT" team member, field training officer, departmental training officer, recruit academy and in-service academy instructor, a “train-the-trainer,” an officer survival instructor and lecturer and a litigation consultant. He still works as a police officer (part-time) and is a sworn deputy sheriff. Bob is a full-time Instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is responsible for the realistic training of public safety personnel at one of the most technologically advanced facilities in America that specializes in realistic scenario based instruction, located on the NWTC campus. Bob also teaches academic courses in the Law Enforcement Degree and Recruit Academy programs. He often serves as a litigation consultant and “expert witness” and has testified in Federal and State Courts, Grand Jury Hearings, Coroner’s Inquests as well as Police Disciplinary Hearings to explain and critique the force and/or procedural actions of officers. Bob authored the original State of Wisconsin's Defensive and Arrest Tactics Manual and has contributed articles to national publications.