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PoliceGrantsHelp can provide you or your department with grant assistance through the direct assistance request form below. After you submit the form, there are three options for assistance:

  • Basic Grant Package: A free Grant Assistance informational “how to” package specific to the category you are interested in.
  • Grant Review, which includes a review of the narrative as well as grant specific assistance with your entire application.
  • Grant Writing services. Fee service involving our grant writers preparing your departments' narrative section of the targeted grant application. PoliceGrantsHelp is proud to offer 50% off this fee for PoliceOne Academy subscriptions.

Procurement Integrity
All assistance offered is by category and non-product specific. PoliceGrantsHelp does not benefit from, participate in or otherwise influence the procurement process for grant awards. All assistance is product and vendor neutral to avoid any real or apparent conflict of interest.

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Contact Us
If you have general questions, please first visit the FAQ page. If you still need to contact PoliceGrantsHelp, please call 866-463-7792 or email for more information.

To access the PoliceOne Academy Grant Assistance Program, please submit the below information. Once your information is submitted, you will be contacted by a Grants Assistance Manager within 72 hours.
Thank you!
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*What type of grant assistance are you requesting?
*Are you authorized to research, submit grants or purchase for your department?
*Do you have the last 3 years of UCR reports?
*Is your department eligible to apply for federal grants?
Will this project or equipment be utilized by more than one jurisdiction or agency?
Additional comments about your project and need
By filling out this form and submitting my information, I understand that I may be contacted by a manufacturer regarding my department’s equipment needs. I also understand that this is a request for help locating funding and not a grant application.