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Department Testimonials

I have found the tools of PoliceOne Academy to be a truly dynamic way to deliver and manage very valuable virtual training for law enforcement.  In today's world, law enforcement must find ways to train more efficiently and effectively, and PoliceOne Academy does that without question.  PoliceOne Academy is a valued partner with the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police in our quest to deliver professional law enforcement services to our community.  

~ Chief John A. Jackson, Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, President ~

The Green Bay Police Department began using the Academy in January of 2014.  The idea was to have supplemental training material for our roll calls that is relevant and credible.  The short videos offered in P1A provide just that and help facilitate further discussions in those roll calls.  P1A is a convenient and easy to access library of training videos that gives the officer insight into a variety of training topics relevant to their job duties.

~ Lieutenant Chad W. Ramos, Professional Standards Division, Green Bay Police Department, WI ~


"I have been with Police One Academy for one year. I have found the video training to be a great source for our officers. The content of the training is very appropriate for our operation, and the length of the video's allow officers to watch them while on duty while being available for their duties and responsibilities for too long.  The Administrator access that I have allows me to track everything I need, ensuring the completion of the officers training assignments all while at work  I'm excited that Police One is putting together an entire video training section just for Security. As far as the cost, at the end of the first year, we paid about $1 per hour of video training per officer."  

David Weatherwax, Director of Security, Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort ~


"The Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy is pleased to be partnered with the PoliceOne Academy to bring high quality online in-service training to our officers and deputies. For less than the cost of gas to drive to the academy my officers and deputies can enjoy a full year of training from the comfort of their offices, cars, or homes. In addition to the many training opportunities PoliceOne Academy offers we have also been able to provide our officers and deputies with up to 50 hours of Virginia in-service credit. Of course this partnership would not be possible without the relationship between my academy and PoliceOne.  The level of customer service I have received from PoliceOne has far exceeded my expectations, from initial contact to the everyday on-going support everyone at PoliceOne makes us feel like we are their only customers. I would recommend PoliceOne Academy to any law enforcement agency looking to supplement their training needs."

~ Mike Harvey, Executive Director, Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy, VA ~


"PoliceOne Academy online training is a valuable tool for any officer, that provides high liability training at a moment's notice." (click here for full Case Study)

~ Lieutenant Eric Rauch, Polk County Sheriff's Office, FL~


"The PoliceOne Academy has been instrumental in streamlining our policy dissemination.  It has improved both our effectiveness and our efficiency. Thanks so much for the wonderful service!” (click here for full Case Study)

~ Captain Maureen Watson , Seguin Police Department, TX ~


"We believe that the PoliceOne Academy's online training is an excellent way to augment a training program and produce a culture where "every day is a training day". Additionally, the staff has been great in supporting our launch."

~ Captain Billy Breedlove, Director of Training, Corpus Christi Police Department, TX ~


"The Policeone training academy has proved to be an excellent training tool for our department. It offers a vast amount of training courses that are relevant and applicable to anyone who wants to better him or herself as a law enforcement professional. With budget constraints being a common theme in the law enforcement community, online training is here to stay and Policeone has developed an online training option that is top notch and cost effective. Colorado POST approval makes it all the better." 

~ Sgt. Brandon Tisher, La Plata County Sheriff's Office, CO ~


"My department has been using this service for several months now, and it is a great learning and teaching tool. As a sergeant assigned to patrol supervisor duties, I find it effective in conducting roll call training and using the blocks of instruction to reinforce lessons learned from incidents we have dealt with."

~ Sgt. Timothy D. Cook, Jr., Attleboro Police Department, MA ~


"The Academy is working great for us, as it has given us a new dimension to our training and allows us some flexibility.  The videos are great quality and relevant." 

~ Federico Rascon, Asst. Training Manager, NASA White Sands Test Facility ~


“The PoliceOne Academy subscription that our agency signed up for over a year ago has quickly become an excellent training resource for our entire police department.  There are literally hundreds of short training videos covering every facet of Law Enforcement that are ideal for daily roll-call training.  The production quality and content has far exceeded our expectations, and the addition of the full length video training courses has made it even more valuable to us.  Later this year we plan to utilize the Excited Delirium and Active Shooter full length courses in conjunction with our “hands-on” In-Service training.  We are now in our second full year subscription to P1 Academy and are extremely satisfied with the overall product.”

~ Officer Joe Engman, Training Coordinator, Bellevue Police Department, WA ~


"It is PoliceOne’s pragmatic approach to Law Enforcement training that inspires both trainer and candidate alike to constantly improve their skills and knowledge base.  Their comprehensive video library is second to none, thank you PoliceOne in supporting my program!"

~ Professor Peter St. Denis, Justice & Wellness Studies, Mohawk College ~


"The Police One Academy has allowed our Officers to complete the annual training required by the Nevada State POST in a convenient format at a reasonable price.  I would recommend the Police One Academy to any department having trouble with sending their Officers to training in the traditional classroom format due to lack of funding or being shorthanded in Patrol."

~ Kathy Noahr, Training Coordinator, North Las Vegas Police Department, NV ~ 


"Excellent resource to build TCLEOSE credit!"

"Great refresher on aspects related to officer safety" 

"Important reinforcement of officer safety practices."

"PoliceOne Academy staff are very responsive and informative." 

~ Asst. Chief Tom Mylett, Port of Corpus Christi Authority, TX ~


"The short format video courses are well designed and delivered to the end user. As a 35+ year law enforcement officer, my compliments."

~ Chief Kent Shuebrook, Amity Township Police Department ~


“Our Training Division determined one of the most cost-effective and strategic ways to deliver training was an online delivery system available 24/7. After careful consideration, the PoliceOne Academy was the outstanding choice. The PoliceOne Academy maintains high-quality video,  up-to-date topics and provides excellent management tools to properly track and test each officer.”

~ Deputy Chief Dale Phipps, Kingsport Police Department, TN ~


"Over the past five years due to budget constraints and permanent shift work it has become increasingly difficult to conduct departmental training outside of what is state mandated. The PoliceOne Academy provides us with the ability to supply supervisors, officers, and trainers a quick reference on a multitude of training topics that are up to date. It has allowed our platoons to conduct more meaningful roll call trainings by allowing an officer to go to one place rather than simply searching the internet or police related publications randomly for information or training topics."

~ Sgt. Jarrad P. Berkihiser, Lancaster Bureau of Police,Training & Personnel ~


“This is an outstanding format to receive valuable training and to maintain a high level of professionalism. We are relatively new to the academy and I have already had many positive comments from our officers. As an administrator, I love that we can save money and still receive an outstanding product!”

~ Chief Steven L. Mattison, Wellsville (N.Y.) Police Department ~


“As a longtime user of the PoliceOne website, I have always found the information contained on their website to be useful for not only officers, but also in the academic setting teaching law enforcement students. When P1-Academy was released, I knew we had to find some way to become members. After only 2 short months as members, I have found the different training categories and sub-categories to be packed full of useful information and it has been an incredible addition to all of the courses I teach. Although it is often that we view these videos as the result of a tragedy to a fellow officer, I also feel we owe it to current and future officers to show and discuss these videos so that we can train current officers and prepare future officers for all the hidden dangers of this profession. Hats off to PoliceOne for another excellent product!”

~ Sgt. Chris Dobratz (Ret.), Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement, Minnesota State University Mankato ~


“With budgets the way they are, P1A offers a way to give our deputies additional learning opportunities that do not require overtime or special equipment. Our deputies can utilize the website to conduct roll-call training, or complete it as an individual during down times of their shift.”

~ Investigator Chris Brooks , Professional Standards Unit, Mesa County (Colo.) Sheriff's Office ~


“We on the Probation & Parole level have found the Defensive Tactics and the interview techniques to be very interesting. In fact, I have applied to go to Instructors school for Defensive Tactics. I continue to watch the training videos offered and enjoy them very much. There is always something to learn from them.”

~ Rod Johnson, Hobson Montana Probation & Parole ~


“PoliceOne Academy is an excellent resource for any size agency. Having these excellent training aids available online is a valuable resource. I found the video segments to be well-produced, comprehensive, and included current methodology. I look forward to using this library and seeing new additions in the future.”

~ Greg Glassock, ICP Firearms Instructor, WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission ~


"Our agency currently uses an online based training system; however, our system does not provide training on tactics or patrol procedures. PoliceOne Academy would be a great addition to complement ours."

~ Edward V. Ochoa M.S., ICE, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security ~ 


“The videos included in the PoliceOne Academy library are invaluable to me as I train pre-service college students about firearms and officer safety. The interactions along with the interviews with the officers involved demonstrate the needed mindset and training to survive a violent encounter. Keep up the good work!”

~ Duane Wolfe, Law Enforcement Program, Alexandria Technical and Community College ~