Revisiting Va. Tech: 8 minutes after 911 call, a rescue from madness

Blacksburg Capt. Bruce Bradbery scooped the students up one by one and loaded them into his gold Explorer. With lights and sirens on, he drove over sidewalk curbs and lawns to reach the ambulances.

By Sari Horwitz
The Washington Post
Graphic: Inside Norris Hall
Read P1 News Report: Virginia Tech Shooting April 16, 2007

BLACKSBURG, Va. — "We've been hurt," the voice whispered, terrified, into a cellphone.

On the other end of the line, Virginia Tech Police Lt. Debbi Morgan could hear gunfire. It was so loud that it sounded as if someone was shooting right into the receiver.

"Where are you?" Morgan asked, doing her best to stay calm.

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