Video: Gunman opens fire in NY tire shop

Police later killed gunman, who may have been attempting a mob hit

By PoliceOne Staff

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Two police officers killed a gunman on Monday after he walked into a Brooklyn auto shop and opened fire on a man, according to the New York Times. Police say the gunman and the victim appeared to be feuding.

Before gunman Carl Lastorino began shooting, he called out “Peter, this is for you,” said the Police Department’s chief spokesman, Paul J. Browne. Lastorino shot the victim in the shoulder and in the hand, Browne said.

A police van pulled up just as the gunman had hailed a cab and was about to climb in, said Browne. A police officer and a sergeant got out of the vehicle, identified themselves, and told Lastorino to drop his revolver.

Lastorino raised his weapon and told the officers “You’re not taking me alive,” Browne said. Both officers fired their guns and both bullets struck Lastorino, killing him, said Browne.

The victim, a 49-year-old male, is in stable condition at a Brooklyn hospital, said Browne.



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