Video: The Israeli 'limited tactical entry technique' for hostage rescue clears

Because the overall operational goal is to save the life of the hostage (or hostages), shots must be “straight, fast, and coming from multiple barrels” in order to increase the chances of the threat going down immediately

I’ve been in contact recently with my friend Aaron Cohen, a former member of Duvdevan, for a column I’m writing about police response to multiple-target terrorist attacks — watch for that to appear with our special coverage of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 a wee bit more than a month from now. During our recent conversations, we got to talking about some of the training he’s been giving to American law enforcers with his company, IMS Security.

“I just wrapped up training the Virginia Department of Corrections Special Tactics Unit in Israeli Special Forces style hostage rescue interdiction,” Cohen told me when we spoke late last week. “I believe that too many entry methods used in the U.S. today are outdated and increase the overall risk to officer safety — regardless of the amount of team training — because they mainly rely on the tactical shooting capabilities of the individual officer. This is because only one officer can physically file into a room at a time when a team is performing a physical entry. Regardless of how fast and or ‘dynamic’ and aggressive the entry is made, only one gun can still get in at a time...”

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