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Active Shooter

Active Shooter

The Active Shooter topic gives patrol officers and SWAT team members an invaluable resource to find news articles, tactical tips, and expert commentary for active shooter response - from setting up an outer and inner perimeter, to new breaching techniques and advanced precision rifle skills, to advice to pass to your family in the event of an off-duty active shooter encounter.
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NY top cop: Closing LA schools over bomb threat is 'significant overreaction'

New York Police Commissioner William Bratton said he thinks Los Angeles officials are overreacting - Full Story


Pro-gun groups: Increasing mental health help would curb mass shootings

Some lawmakers want to require police reports to be required when firearms are lost or stolen - Full Story


Police: Los Angeles schools closed due to threat

The closure came the same day classes were canceled at San Bernardino Valley College because of a bomb threat - Full Story


Police: Ark. college gunman decided not to shoot others

The suspect called 911 after driving onto the plaza and told dispatchers he was on campus with a gun - Full Story


US officials search for missed red flags ahead of shootings

FBI Director James Comey and other senior American officials briefed members of Congress - Full Story


For police, shootings reinforce need for military-style gear

In the span of six days, police suddenly have a pair of poster cases for the use of military-style equipment - Full Story


San Bernardino detective who said he'd take bullet speaks out

Det. Jorge Lozano said he only did what was necessary and that the sight of a terrified child had inspired him - Full Story


San Bernardino chief kept cool, calm during worst terrorist attack since 9/11

San Bernardino chief kept cool, calm during worst terrorist attack since 9/11

The chief has been praised for his cool-headed response in the chaotic aftermath of the massacre - Full Story

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