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Active Shooter

Active Shooter

The Active Shooter topic gives patrol officers and SWAT team members an invaluable resource to find news articles, tactical tips, and expert commentary for active shooter response - from setting up an outer and inner perimeter, to new breaching techniques and advanced precision rifle skills, to advice to pass to your family in the event of an off-duty active shooter encounter.
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Spy helicopter helps NY police guard against terrorists

By Tom Hays The Associated PressNEW YORK - On a cloudless spring day, the NYPD helicopter soars over... - Full Story


Ready to go — Active shooter bags The Police Officers Safety Association (POSA) - Free Video Training Programs for Law Enforcement

Ready to go — Active shooter bags

By Ralph MrozIn the latest Police Officers Safety Association training program, "Active Shooter and 4... - Full Story


Gunman opens fire at festival, wounds 3

The Associated Press By CHRISTOPHER WEBER LOS ANGELES -- A man with a semiautomatic rifle opened fire... - Full Story


Carry a "Go Bag"

To be ready to respond quickly to a crisis situation, I carry a "Go Bag." Inside of it are... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Ohio trainer makes the case for single-officer entry against active killers Force Science Institute - Destroying Myths & Discovering Cold Facts

Ohio trainer makes the case for single-officer entry against active killers

From Force Science News Click here for a free subscriptionIf you’re a patrol officer who’s first on the scene of... - Full Story


Loaded gunman arrested in crowded store

The Associated Press AUSTIN, Texas -- A former Wal-Mart employee was arrested in the crowded store where... - Full Story


Virginia Tech: A year later Dave Smith - The Winning Mind

Virginia Tech: A year later

Thoughts from Dave Smith Senior Street Survival Seminar Instructor It is hard to believe a year has passed... - Full Story


NIU shooter response aided by cops' medical training

By Steve Schmadeke The Chicago Tribune DEKALB, Ill. — The medical training provided to Northern... - Full Story


Va. Tech massacre: One year later

By Rex Bowman and Michael Martz The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Va.BLACKSBURG, Va. — Sung-Tae and... - Full Story


School safety triple play the Office of Justice Programs' National Institute of Justice (NIJ) - TechBeat

School safety triple play

Law enforcement agencies and school systems can now obtain three important school safety programs at... - Full Story

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