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Airborne / Maritime

Airborne / Maritime

The Airborne / Maritime topic provides news articles, tips, and expert advice for police officers who want to learn the best ways to work with the police helicopters, airplanes, UAVs, marine patrol boats, and high-speed drug interdiction craft in their city, state, or region.
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Report: LAPD helicopter struck by gunfire

Forced to make emergency landing after fuel tank struck - Full Story


Video: NYPD helicopter saves stranded fisherman, son

The video shows officers hovering over the stranded man before lifting him to safety - Full Story


Jeff Hoyne: Seattle port police bike patrol

After watching this video, you will better understand day-to-day patrol tactics used by the Washington State Port Authority.
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Police thick at Dodger Stadium after fan beating

"It's absolutely stupid that they have to do it, but if that's what it takes to keep us safe it's fine with me" - Full Story


Maritime law enforcement since 9/11

Maritime law enforcement since 9/11

A decade ago the topic of maritime law enforcement was widely unknown to those outside the community itself. Fast forward to 2011 and you will see that maritime enforcement is a far cry from anonymouss - Full Story


10 years after 9/11: The decade of maritime law enforcement since 9/11 Tom Burrell - Patrolling the Waterways

10 years after 9/11: The decade of maritime law enforcement since 9/11

April showers bring May flowers, or so we’re told. The calendar says, “It’s spring!” bu... - Full Story


Videos: Miami beach cops face 'angry mob'

According to police and firefighters, the arrests shown in the YouTube videos are the peak of the troubled week - Full Story


Court-martial begins for USCG officer charged in Calif. boat crash

Petty Officer 2nd Class Ian Howell is charged only with dereliction of duty now that the most serious charges of negligent homicide, assault, and negligence with a boat were dropped - Full Story

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Patrolling the Waterways Patrolling the Waterways
with Tom Burrell
Police Aviation Police Aviation
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