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December 26, 2015

Ambush Survival

Police are facing an ever increasing threat of violence against them The murder of police officers has always been an issue, however, the immediate and sophisticated ambushes of officers has increased dramatically. The training will cover ways of recognizing the ambush before it occurs and ways to overcome the ambush while it is in progress, with the goal being to have greater ability to defeat the cop killers and save officers’ lives.
November 20, 2015

Reality Training: Are you prepared for an ambush attack?

The savage killing of a California deputy is a tragic reminder of the dangers cops face on patrol. Here are some safety tips on how to respond to an attack.
August 28, 2015

Reality Training: How cops can avoid an ambush

With the recent uptick in ambushes against cops, maintaining situational awareness is a key element in officer survival. In this installment of Reality Training, Dave Smith reviews an incident out of Arizona in order to provide tips on avoiding an attack.
June 04, 2015

Fla. police upgrade vehicles to prevent ambushes

System works by sounding an alarm triggered by several sensors around the perimeter of the vehicle.
May 19, 2015

K-9 saves Miss. cop from ambush, manhunt underway

Deputy stopped a vehicle and was startled when two men came out of the nearby woods and attacked him.
March 30, 2015

Killing Spree: Were RCMP cops ready for the call?

16x9 investigates the horrific June 2014 rampage against Canadian police officers by a gunman wearing camo and wielding multiple firearms.
March 25, 2015

Ariz. cop escapes death as gunman attempts to sneak up behind him

Officer Cesar Nelson responded to a domestic disturbance February 16 when the attempted ambush occurred.
March 16, 2015

2 LAPD officers shot, may have been targeted

Officers were wounded by gunfire Sunday afternoon, spawning a massive manhunt for the shooters.
March 12, 2015

2 officers shot in Ferguson ambush expected to survive

One officer was shot in the face, just below his right eye, with the bullet lodging behind his ear.

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