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Main News Videos


Hall Rescue with the Large S.O.B.

Daw Tech's Large Special Ops Bunker (S.O.B.) in action during a training exercise in a school.


Hall Rescue with the Little S.O.B.

Daw Tech's Little Special Ops Bunker (S.O.B.) in action during a training exercise in a school.


Collapsible Special Ops Bunker (S.O.B.) Timed Setup

Watch this timed demo where Daw Tech's collapsible Special Ops Bunker (S.O.B.) is built and broken down quickly and painlessly!


Special Ops Bunker (S.O.B.) Protection Demo

Check out the complete coverage protection you get with Daw Tech's collapsible S.O.B. in this demo.


Ballistic Special Ops Bunker (S.O.B.) at the Range

Portable ballistic protection for SWAT, police and security from Daw Tech.


Ballistic Panel Shoot Demo

Watch a .308, M855 Green Tip, 7.62x39, and .223 go head-to-head with Daw Tech's ballistic technology and bounce right off.


Video Testimonial: Why I Switched to Blauer ArmorSkin

Officer Chad Kirk shares his Blauer ArmorSkin™ body armor story.


Point Blank at SHOT Show 2012

Michael Foreman of Point Blank tells Dave Smith about the new innovations from the company, including extremely lightweight body armor.


Blauer's ArmorSkin

In April 2010, Officer Chad Kirk and his partner responded to a shots fired call and subsequently arrested a drunk and belligerent suspect.


Armor Express at SHOT Show 2012

A representative for Armor Express offers an overview of special features in their lightweight, comfortable ballistic systems.