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August 11, 2014

The Future of Impact Weapons

Watch why the Rapid Containment Baton is the most effective baton for law enforcement agencies.
September 05, 2013

Mo. officers rescue deer trapped on bridge

The officer got the doe to walk alongside him, using his baton as a guide, to get her off the bridge to safety.
August 22, 2013

Conflict erupts during police arrest

Conflict erupts between a woman and French police. Officers were attempting to subdue a man accused of drunk driving when the woman became involved.
November 20, 2012

Crowd Control - Baton Use Secure - Login Required

Watch as Mike Janin demonstrates the proper outfitting of a crowd control grenadier officer to effect crowd control with less-lethal force options.
Crowd Control - Baton Use
October 02, 2012

Baton Striking Secure - Login Required

Diana Rathborne outlines two different footwork patterns and various techniques of baton striking in her demonstrations of various drills.
Baton Striking
June 01, 2012

Peacekeeper RCB - Holsters

Holsters are now available for the Peacekeeper Rapid Containment baton (RCB).
June 21, 2011

Reality Training: Crowd Control Secure - Login Required

In this video, Dave Smith stresses the importance of watching your defensive tactics techniques, particularly with a baton, in order to avoid negative coverage from the media.
Reality Training: Crowd Control
October 13, 2008

Phillip Pitts: Baton Use in Close Quarters Secure - Login Required

Defensive Tactics Expert Phillip Pitts give you tips on how to improve your empty hands techniques by effectively using your baton: an innovative take on using an old tool in a new way.

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